BHF Charlie’s Angel Layla *P

  • Breed MDGA Registered F1 Mini-Nubian
  • Birthday 5/1/2015
  • Color & Markings Red/brown, with dark points and grey and white moonspots
  • Percentage 87.50% Nubian – 12.50% Nigerian Dwarf

Layla is a F1 registered Mini-Nubian. She has gorgeous coloring and moon spots. Layla has a very sweet and loving personality and she took 2nd place in the summer 2015 virtual show.  #4 is over #2 in general appearance, she is more balanced with a long neck blending into a nicely extended brisket.  She wider and longer in the rear showing us more body capacity throughout. Layla is an excellent easy milker, averaging almost 9lbs a day!