Reference/Previous Herd Members

Genoa Meadows Sandy *P

Barn Name: Sandy


Breed Registered: MDGA Purebred (F7) Mini-Nubian

Birthday: 03/27/2019

Percentage: 51.82% Nubian – 48.18% Nigerian Dwarf

Color: Red, black & lt tan points; frosted ears and muzzle

G6S Status:  (G6S Normal by testing)

Texas Tykes Cleopatra *P


Breed Registered: MDGA F1 Mini-Nubian


Percentage: 83.28% Nubian – 16.72% Nigerian Dwarf

Color: Black and tan, white markings

G6S Status:  (G6S Normal by parents)

Newman Lake Wildflower


Breed Registered: MDGA F2 Mini-Nubian

Birthday: 04/12/2016

Percentage: 72.65% Nubian – 27.35% Nigerian Dwarf

Color: Light Cou Clair

G6S Status:  (G6S Normal )

Texas Tykes Wild Willows *P

Barn Name: Willow


Breed Registered: MDGA F3 Mini-Nubian

Birthday: 01/30/2020

Percentage: 69.6% Nubian – 30.4% Nigerian Dwarf

Color: Cou Clair

G6S Status:  (G6S Normal by parentage)

Whiteacre’s Sapphire *P

Barn Name: Sapphire


Breed Registered: MDGA F2 Mini-Nubian

Birthday: 07/28/2013

Percentage: 53.12% Nubian – 46.88% Nigerian Dwarf

Color: Buckskin; black and white

G6S Status:  (G6S Normal by testing)

Rite Choice Sapphire’s Finale

Barn Name – Jasper

Breed: Registered MDGA F3 American Mini-Nubian

Birthday: 1/24/2021

Percentage:  56.2% Nubian – 43.8% Nigerian

Color: Buckskin w/ roaning, frosted ears and muzzle

G6S Status:  (G6S Normal by Parentage)


Barn Name – Bama


Breed: Registered MDGA F6 Mini-Nubian (Purebred)

Birthday: 03/16/17

Percentage: 54.26% Nubian – 45.74% Nigerian

Color: Black w/random white markings; Blue eyes

G6S Status:  (G6S Normal by Parentage)

Blackberry’s PP Rain Man +*B

Barn Name – Rainman


Breed: Registered MDGA F4 American Mini-Nubian

Birthday: 3/3/2018

Percentage:  66.55% Nubian – 33.45% Nigerian

Color: Black & tan buckskin, random white; moonspots, 

G6S Status:  (G6S Normal by Testing)


Barn Name – Kodak


Breed: Registered MDGA F5 American Mini-Nubian

Birthday: 05/06/15

Percentage: 57.88% Nubian – 42.12% Nigerian

Color: Black with brown moonspots, frosted ears, white lace around eyes, and white splashes

G6S Status:  (G6S Normal by Testing

Texas Tykes Top Gun

Barn Name – Mavrick


Breed: Registered MDGA F5 American Mini-Nubian

Birthday: 04/22/19

Percentage:  59.36% Nubian – 40.64% Nigerian

Color: Black with grey moonspots

G6S Status:  (G6S Normal by Parentage)

Texas Tykes Cowboy

Barn Name – Cowboy


Breed: Registered MDGA F6 Mini-Nubian (Purebred)

Birthday: 4/28/17

Percentage: 55.45% Nubian – 44.55% Nigerian

Color: Brown with black points. White on face and Legs and a white belt.

G6S Status:  (G6S Normal by Parentage)

Ivy Acre’s I’m A Rebel Just for Kicks

Barn Name – Rebel

Breed:  Registered MDGA F6 Mini-Nubian (Purebred)

Birthday: 04/09/2022

Percentage: 54.95% Nubian – 45.05% Nigerian

Color: Red with black points, random white, frosted ears & nose, moonspots & blue eyes

G6S Status:  (G6S Normal by Parentage)